Here are 10 Good Reasons to come to the



1. It's FREE. The best things in life are free, right? You can come along, browse the art, chat to artists and not spend a single penny (unless you want to, of course).



2. See the BEST art of Chippenham and surrounding areas.  Of course, "the best" is subjective, but we have had plenty of good reviews about the high quality and variety of art.


3. Creativity. If you want to unleash your own creativity, being around other creatives can help. It can give you inspiration to make something yourself. You can talk to the artists about their inspiration and use this. Get those creative juices flowing!

Emma Edmundson.jpg

4. Support Small businesses. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to give your hard earned cash to small business owners. But visiting an art fair, looking at the art and maybe talking with the artists IS support. It encourages us and sets in to motion a chain of possibilities. Possibilities don't pay the bills, but they're better than no visitors at all.  Keep us busy and more people will want to come too - and maybe that will pay the bills.

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5. Christmas Presents. Yes, yes, it's Christmas present buying season, so this HAS to be in here. A piece of art can make a lovely and unusual present.


6. Art Education. How better than to learn about local art, or what it's like to be a working artist, than to actually speak with a local artist? You won't just learn about art, but all the subjects that art covers. Speak to us, look closely at our work, and you will see a world of possibilities.


7. Company. If art isn't your thing, and you a) being dragged along against your will or b) have nothing better to do but not sure you'll like it, then just come for the company. The social element of the art fair and the crowds often  eclipses the art itself.  We love art, but people come first, and we all love to make friends.

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8. Cake and Cream Teas. TeaCups cafe opens it's door at every art fair and craft market we hold. You can either pre book an amazing afternoon tea (by sending us an email), or treat yourself to a cream tea, panini, cake, sandwich, tea, coffee, cold drink... whatever floats your boat. Tammy makes some really good grub. Come just for that alone!



9. Community. We've been saying this endlessly; we are trying to make Chippenham a better place. A better place to shop, a better place to see art and a better place to spend your day. The more things there are to do in Chippenham, the more people will stay, spend their money and keep businesses and local trade alive. Our aim with the art fairs is tie all things we are passionate about within our community, into one monthly event.


10. FUN! This is a fun activity. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the art. If you don't see anything you like, come along next month and see something completely different. Life is about experiencing as much as possible and enjoying it.

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If you can think of any more reasons, just let us know.

We hope you can make one of art fairs, or our craft markets. They run on the second Saturday of every month.