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List of Artists in Art Trail Venues


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Meet the Artists

Sam Phillips.jpg

Artist: Sam Phillips

Website: www.sjpstudios.co.uk

Website: sjpstudios.picfair.com

Pinterest: www.pinterest.co.uk/samueljphillips/   

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sjpstudioscreativesolutions/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sjpstudiosltd/  

Twitter: twitter.com/sjpstudios  

A creative dreamer with a wandering mind,  love of the natural world, always ready to meet new people and encounter new experiences. With wife Claire, and two chocolate Labs we have settled in our forever home in Littleton Drew, a quaint village near Castle Combe. From my garden studio my works are mainly painted or mixed media using both traditional materials and digital. Inspired by all that life around me has to offer. I strive to help others, through kindness, art and creative experiences; my work is to discover your world then will all my heART give myself to it.

Cafe Grounded, 1 Bath Road

Lucia Lovatt_Kingfisher.jpg

Artist: Lucia Lovatt

Trading Name: Paintings by Lucia

Website: www.paintingsbylucia.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lucialovatt

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/paintingsbylucia.co.uk

Lucia Lovatt is a Chippenham based artist who paints fun, vibrant and colourful animal studies. Her art works aims to bring a smile to the viewer and brighten up any room. 

She also paints pet portraits; dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs and geckos, to name a few. She paints their character through  expressive eyes, creating art work that is also a precious memory for ever. 

Lucia is a self taught painter, working mainly in acrylics and watercolour. She also runs the Chippenham Art Fairs and Craft Markets that have become so popular, as well as Paint Along Sessions.

Caroline Tomlin.jpg

Artist: Caroline Tomlin

Website: www.carolinetomlinart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/carolinetomlinart/ 

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/carolinetomlin_art/

Caroline is Chippenham based mixed media artist who takes her inspiration from the natural world.  Working intuitively her paintings are rich in colour and texture, often exploring contrasts in nature such as light/ dark, chaos/ calm.

Glyn Overton.jpeg


Pinterest: https://pin.it/VfB5BiL

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Glynis Overton

Instagram: www.instagram.com/overton.glyn

Artist working in Pastel, Acrylic and Watercolour with a particular interest in Landscape, Seascape, Flowers, Dramatic Skies and Urban Decay.

Graham Hawkins.jpg

Artist: Graham Hawkins

Trading Name: SteelQuirks

Instagram: www.instagram.com/steelquirks/

Graham studied art & art history, but went on to pursue a career in IT. Finding that progressively less fulfilling he turned back to art in his spare time. Dabbling in various mediums he sold a few commissioned paintings, but ultimately felt that it was not his 'thing'.

Having learned to weld over 30 years ago, and made a few sculptures for the garden in the past, he realised in later years that creating sculptures from metal was what excited him.

Inspiration springs from many sources; whilst out walking, in the garden, and quirky ideas which pop into and percolate in his over active brain. The latter just beg to be brought to life before he can move on.

Graham is always trying out new techniques in the workshop to give those ideas a solid form, and he relishes the challenge of combining metal with wood to create unique sculptures.

Kim Watts _ Wattsnottolove.jpeg

Artist: Kim Watts

Trading Name: Watts Not To Love

Website: www.wattsnottolove.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wattsnottolove/

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/wattsnottolove

The creative gene has been passed down through my family on my Grandfather's side who was related to Edward Seago the Watercolour Artist and painter to the Queen.  However my own work is very diverse and I cover a range of different mediums from oil abstract pieces to vibrant acyclic's and delicate watercolour,  there is definitely something for everyone!

Sally Moonraker _ Nine Yellow Birds.jpeg

Artist: Sally Moonraker

Trading Name: Nine Yellow Birds

Website: www.nineyellowbirds.co.uk

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Nineyellowbirds

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/nineyellowbirds

A story behind every piece’ free handed whimsical and quirky illustrations of animals, your pets and your homes. Prints are also available as well as greetings cards and bookmarks (more coming soon), showcasing our in house animal menagerie.

Claire Hinsley.jpeg

Name : Rev. Clare Hinsley Ph.D

Trading name: Loosh.co.uk

Website: https://loosh.co.uk

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/loosh.co.uk

Telegram: @DrHinsley

Clare Hinsley is passionate about Metaphysical Healing and her art work aims to inspire and empower those who view it. Influenced by the positive energies that fill our world, Clare brings her own lessons and visions to paper for all to see. 

Sue O'Sullivan.JPG

Artist: Sue O’Sullivan

Website: www.sueosullivan.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SueOSullivanArts

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sueosullivanartist

Twitter: www.twitter.com/suesart

Sue creates striking, colourful abstract and landscape works in acrylics. Her work is inspired by nature particularly her love of old trees and wild seas.

Platinum House, 35 Market Place

Rae Melody.jpeg

Artist: Rae Melody

Website: www.raemelodyart.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/raemelodyart

Rae Melody is an artist who creates contemporary abstract paintings. She is an experienced art teacher and Freelance Facilitator at the RWA, Bristol and often leads community-based projects with young people and local organisations. 

Her artwork is inspired by the Earth, her environment, nature and patterns in the Universe that are repeated on various scales. 

Candice Rouse _ LittleSpear.jpeg

Artist: Candice Rouse

Trading Name: Little Spear Fine Art

Website: www.littlespear.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/littlespearfineart 

I am a pastel artist based in Corsham.  I predominantly paint animals due to my childhood holidays spent in the African Wild.  Realism connects me to the subject I'm painting and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the likeness.   Soft pastel is my choice of medium as I love the directness and feel of it. I am a soft pastel artist based in Corsham.  I predominately paint animals both domestic and wildlife. One of my favourite aspects of  my work is capturing light I chose pastel because I love the soft direct feeling on the paper.

Caroline Butler.jpg
Charlotte Englefield.jpg

Artist: Caroline Butler

Facebook: www.facebook.com/doveartz

I am a local artist working mainly in watercolours & graphite, charcoal & gold leaf. I love to show the light, hope & love in this life through my creations.

Artist: Charlotte Englefield

Trading name: Charlotte Englefield Art

Website: www.charlotte-englefield-art.co.uk

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Charlotte.Englefield.Art

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/charlotte.englefield.art/

Inspired by the environment around me, I paint both land and seascapes as well as animals and wildlife.  My work is a constant balance of applying acrylics in many layers, pulling light colours forward and then pushing them back with a dark translucent glaze, before beginning the process again and again.

Cindy Patterson.jpg

Artist: Cindy Patterson

Trading Name: Art by Cindy Patterson

Website: www.artbycindypatterson.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cindy.patterson29/

I am an abstract artist. I take my inspiration from the industrial landscape and the countryside.

Galit Litvak-Watson.jpeg

Artist: Galit Litvak-Watson

Trading Name: Crafted glow by Galit

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Craftedglow-by-Galit-1445646272430473

Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CraftedGlowByGalit

My work is an ongoing exploration of materials, structure and embellishment. I work mainly with textiles and stitch to create varied pieces. My inspiration comes from the natural world and cultural aspects. The quilts, cushions and pictures I make, show my love for colour and life.

Geoff Hawkins.jpg

Artist: Geoff Hawkins

Website: www.geoffhawkins.photography/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/geoff_hawkins_photography/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GeoffHawkinsPhotography

I've been taking photos for many years now and while landscapes and kittens are ok I much prefer people, so I am best known for my natural light portraits,      Photography is a hobby for me and I am mostly not interested in making money out of it. While it isn't my 'job', I do take it very seriously and work hard to make beautiful images of all sorts

Harriet Dearing _ Harrie Paints.jpg

Artist: Harriet Dearing

Trading Name: Harrie Dearing, Artist

Website:  www.harriedearingart.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/107462535275878/posts/107587208596744/?sfnsn=scwspmo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/harriedearingart

Harrie is an Abstract and Expressionist Painter whom has developed over 18 unique  collections of artwork. Her work explores themes of Mental health, body positivity and dream like story telling.

Margaret Murray.jpg

Artist: Margaret Murray

Trading Name: Margaret Murray Art

Website: www.margaretmurrayart.com

My work is based on Nature, particularly landscape and images that lend themselves to abstraction.

Pj Buchanan.jpg

Artist: PJ Buchanan

Trading Name: SkyDog Glass

Website: www.skydogglass.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/skydogglass

SkyDog Glass is the name of the studio of Chippenham based glass artist Pj Buchanan.  Pj is heavily influenced by abstract art, with bold colour and geometric lines. Her pieces are statement pieces that are also functional, from coasters to platters and bowls.

Magdalena Makasow.jpg

Artist: Magdalena Makasow

Trading Name: MakasowART

Website: www.makasowart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MakasowART 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/makasowart/

Magdalena’s art reflects on human emotions, state of mind and understanding mental health journey. 

Dance, body movement and communing with nature helps people to work through hard experiences and emotions. This is something that has a special place in her heart.She concentrates on human body, and how it flows to show emotions and the current of the energy. 

Animals and nature always bring her joy, hope and calm. She paints nature scenes to share those emotions and feelings with the observer. The medium Magdalena uses is acrylic paint, mediums and paste.Exploring new techniques and mediums, helping her find the flow within the creating process.As a painter preferring big format canvas for her art, but there are still few little gems in her collections on the small side.Her paintings contain lots of texture. She would either explore the subject’s appearance through a detailed way of painting it, or adding texture to the artwork by using special mediums and paste.

Sandi Sayer.jpg

Artist: Sandi Sayer

Trading Name: Art by Sandi

Website: www.artbysandi.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/artbysandisayer

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sandisayer/?hl=en

Sandi is based in Calne and is a self taught artist.

Her inspiration comes from the natural world, especially geology and botany. 

She has a passion for colour and texture and these with her use of mixed media, brings drama and atmosphere to her artworks.

Claire Selman.jpg
Bloemen & Blue.jpg
Caroline Mary Quarmby.jpeg

Artist: Mary Quarmby

Website: www.maryquarmby.wixsite.com/maryquarmbyglass

Facebook: www.facebook.com/caroline.quarmby.9

Instagram: www.instagram.com/quarmbymary/?hl=en

I am a contemporary glass artist using fusing and slumping to complement traditional methods of glass work thereby creating unique vibrant and dynamic works. Colour is an important part of my life be it natural or manmade and I draw inspiration from nature and my travels. 

King Alfred Hall, Market Place

Julie May Wheeler.jpeg
Caroline Thomson Champion.jpeg

Artist: Julie- May Wheeler

Trading Name: Julie-May

Website: www.juliemayart.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/julie_may_artwork

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/julie_may_artwork

I am a local artist who is inspired by our beautiful Countryside. I work largely in watercolour with the occasional addition of pastel or gouache.

Artist: Caroline Champion

Trading Name: Cara-Design

Facebook: www.facebook.com/madebycaradesign

Instagram: www.instagram.com/madebycara_design/

I produce hand finished Lino prints and greeting cards. Each piece is designed, printed and hand finished so every piece is unique.

Karen Prewit _ FloriasKite.jpeg

Artist: Floria's Kite

Website: www.floriaskite.etsy.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/florias_kite

I love to paint with watercolours and take photos of the natural world.

Artist: Claire Selman

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClaireSelmanArt

Instagram: www.instagram.com/claire_selman_art   

Drawn to the coast, countryside and historic settings, my work seeks to capture the spirit of a place. I enjoy drawing on location and never leave the house without a sketchbook. My sketches then grow into lino prints, paintings or digital artworks.

Ellen Lovatt.jpg

Artist: Ellen Lovatt

Trading Name: Ello Art

Website: www.elloart.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100039446992703       

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ellylov/

After starting my career as a designer, I now work as an art & photography teacher and keep my hand in by creating works of art mainly in oils, but more lately in pastels. Our furry friends are my usual subjects and my aim is to capture each animal’s personality and character.

Gary Naylor.jpeg


Trading Name: Gary Naylor (GSN)

Website: https://naylor.biz

Instagram: www.instagram.com/gary_naylor_artist/

Gary Naylor (GSN) impressionistic artwork and ceramics - My work is quite eclectic. I work in oil  and pastels. Some work is painting on stretched canvas + floating frame. I am currently enjoying throwing porcelain and making a variety of slab structures.

Jessie Dibbens.jpg
Paige Alexander.jpg

Artist: Jessie Dibbens

Trading name: Jessie Dibbens Illustrations

Website: https://www.jessiedibbensillustrations.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jessiedibbens_illustrations/?hl=en

I paint nature-inspired art with a special focus on birds. I love to bring nature to peoples homes.

Artist: Paige Alexander

Trading Name: Paige Alexander Maker

Website: www.paigealexander.co.uk

Website: www.padgmade.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paigemsz

Instagram: www.instagram.com/paigemsz/ 

I use resin as my medium to capture the beautiful intricacies and vivid colours of the natural world.  The method I use means every piece is unique as they are all individually hand crafted.  ​  My work evolves naturally with each passing season, as each flower is hand picked whether it would be a summer sunflower or a winter snowdrop.  ​  This is an on-going project, which will only progress as I explore new ways in which to preserve nature for the everyday.  ​  I hope you like what you see   ​  Paige x

Ruth McGrady.jpg

Artist: Ruth McGrady

Trading Name: Ruth McGrady Pet Artist

Website: www.ruthmcgradypetartist.co.uk

My work is a combination of abstract and nature based pieces that tell a stories about friends, health and wellbeing.

Sarah Watson.jpeg

Artist: Sarah Watson

Trading name: Sarah Watson Art

Website: Sarahwatsonart.com

Instagram www.Instagram.com/Sarahwatsonartist

Self taught artist working in digital media and watercolours. Focus on wildlife and pet portraits supplied in prints or digital download. A fascination of the human relationships with nature and how animals affect our emotions. A member of Chippenham District Artists and United Artspace.

Sue Crane _ FabShed.jpeg
Tanya Ransom.jpeg

Artist: Susan Crane

Trading Name: Fabshed Designs

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fabsheddesigns 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fabsheddesigns 

Etsy: fabsheddesigns.etsy.com

I’m Sue from Fabshed Designs. I live in Chippenham and I make and design quirky and upcycled jewellery in my garden workshop. You can see lots of examples of my work on instagram (@fabdsheddesigns).

Artist: Tanya Ransom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FineArtAndPhotographyTanyaRansom/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanya.ransom/ 

I'm a fine art degree graduate who lives in Chippenham.  I work the Royal United Hospital on Combe Ward, Dayroom to Doorstep Facilitator.  I organise activities for patients with dementia plus assist with discharges.  


I studied Fine Art Painting at West Wales School of the Arts graduated in 2006.  My artwork is expressionistic and depicts figures  and memories from overseas travels.  The travels was in Estonia.  In my collection of artworks l also have some female studies and painting plus garden photography. 

Artist: A Mornement 

Trading Name: Bloemen & Blue

Website: https://bloemenandblue.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bloemen_and_blue 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Bloemen.and.Blue

Using the alchemy of the Suns's rays on Iron Compounds, in one of the oldest photographic processes, Libby produces prints in a palette of blues from its hints to its depths.  Inspired by a childhood beside the sea, a passion for swimming and the natural garden of Wiltshire's rolling hills.  Blue is a colour that encourages rest and serenity.  The colour of freedom, creativity and wisdom.  Stand in the elements at the water's edge, fresh and alive.  Interrupt your worries and reach a place of tranquility that whispers of possibilities of beyond the horizon.

Chris Osborne.JPG
Hollie Molloy.jpg

Artist: Hollie Molloy

Trading name: Hollie Molloy Fine Art

Website Address: https://www.holliemolloyfineart.com


My paintings are about how important animals and the natural world are to me, especially in the face of the chaotic modern world that we live in. I create beautiful oil paintings that provide a connection with nature and inspire feelings of simplicity and peace.  I paint with oils because for me their vibrancy is unparalleled. I love the way that I can build them up layer upon layer to create depth and detail.

Marie Woodward.jpeg

Artist: Marie Woodward

Trading name: Marie’s Paintings for Springboard

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mrswoodart82

I am a self taught artist. I paint flowers, scenery and animals. All the work I do goes to Springboard in Chippenham. This is a Charity Specialised preschool for Children with additional needs. Our moto is, Maximising Ability Minimising Disability.

Ann Eccles .jpg

Artist: Ann Eccles

I have always wanted to paint and draw and since joining Kington Langley Artists, being with and seeing other people's art has given me inspiration.

Hilary Payne.JPG

Artist: Hilary Payne

Drawing and painting is a meditative process for me. I’m drawn to representing the human form, portraits, and still life through oils, acrylics, collage, charcoal, and inks

Wendy Bennett.jpg
Jean Shepherd.jpg
Maureen Buckley.jpg

Artist: Wendy Bennett

I am first and foremost an embroiderer but have enjoyed all forms of art and craft for most of my life.  After my retirement, I studied for City & Guilds in embroidery, patchwork, and felting.  Following my move from the midlands, I was made very welcome at the KL Art Group where I thoroughly enjoy ‘dabbling’ with watercolours.

Artist: Jean Shepherd

I have drawn and painted, on and off, most of my life, starting at school, and then at various clubs and groups. After we moved to Kington Langley there wasn't an art group here, so Ann, a fellow artist and I decided to start one up. We have been meeting twice a month since that first meeting in 2016. We are happy group of diverse abilities and media.

Artist: Maureen Buckley

Now retired, I reflect on my years of artistic creativity, including the paintings and ceramics exhibited in the Chippenham Art Trail.

I continue to paint at home every day, and as a member of the Kington Langley Artists. The friendships and fun enjoyed at our meetings continue to bring me joy.

Margaret Murray KL.JPG

Artist: Margaret Murray KL

I enjoy the quiet time that painting, drawing or sewing provides, in particular, enjoy painting or embroidering cards for family and friends.

Hazel Adams.jpg

Artist: Hazel Adams

I only started painting when I retired and now enjoy pencil sketching and watercolours, at home and with the Kington Langley Artists.

Artist: Chris Osborne 

Chris is a retired engineer who paints as a hobby. Being fat and beardy he is sometimes mistaken for Father Christmas. His superpower is the ability to fall asleep holding a mug of coffee and wake up an hour later without having spilt any. Painting and drawing help to keep him awake. His other hobbies include walking, photography, LEGO, growing orchids, attempting to learn Chinese, and eating too  much.

Artist: Helen Swan

Website: www.helen-swan-art.com

Helen has dabbled in many art forms for most of her life, from pottery, stage props and costumes, to painting and yarn art, and although she took an art course a few years ago, she followed her own path which led her to experiment with mixed (very mixed) media – using paint, fabric, sunglasses, masks, acrylic pouring, and has been known to use sweets and false eyelashes.

She feels lucky to have been invited to participate in several exhibitions in Chippenham and even sold a few artworks. This, though, is not her aim. For her art is therapeutic and absorbing. She takes pleasure in almost all that she produces, and if others like it too, then that’s the cherry on top. So we hope you will enjoy seeing some of her work at the Rotary Hall and the Yelde Hall.

Helen Swan .jpg

Rotary Hall, Station Hill


Doorway, The Citadel, Bath Road


Artist Group: Doorway Art Group 

Website: www.doorwayproject.org.uk

Email: info@doorwayproject.org.uk


Doorway Art Group meets twice a month at the Citadel.  This is our first exhibition and showcases the work of our talented guests.  The show includes:  images of Chippenham, still life, abstracts, landscapes collage and much more.

Doorway at the Citadel on the bridge in central Chippenham is open 4 days a week; our talented Art group meet twice a month to create some fabulous work.

Doorway provides immediate support to homeless and marginalised people including hot food, a shower, clean clothes and internet access, and longer term support by making referrals to many other organisations including the Council, Turning Point and physical and mental health services.

Art is just one of the many social activities which we provide for our guests.

Neeld Foyer, High Street


Artist Group: Chippenham and District Artists

Email bob@nation1.xyz


Chippenham and District Artists 48 members strong has been active for over 20 years giving local artists the chance to get together to paint or draw (including complete beginners), regardless of ability or age. 


The group holds regular meetings, organises speakers, practical demonstrations and self- help sessions designed to assist members by extending their knowledge and practical skills.


Members have exhibited in Galleries or Halls in most of the local villages and are now able to use the professional galleries in Chippenham Museum for their annual exhibition. 


Day trips to galleries in Cardiff, Oxford and London have been popular and it is hoped to return to Oxford soon.


A regular Newsletter is published on the web site which is available to all.


Our President, Bob Rudd R A is an internationally recognised water colour artist living locally and we are grateful for his support and guidance over the last 6 years.

The Cause, 42 The Causeway

Chippenham Life Drawing.jpeg

Artist Group: Chippenham Life Drawing

Email: ragandbonearts@gmail.com


Chippenham Life Drawing has run since 2018, providing a space where professional artists, ‘rusty’ artists and beginners can practice drawing from the figure, using a wide variety of materials, techniques and processes to widen their understanding of drawing. 


Previous sessions have used charcoal, chalk, graphite, felt pen, biro, paint, collage, oil pastel, stand oil and printmaking inks as materials, with sticks, reeds, rags and card as mark-making tools.


Tutoring is available, but you are welcome to join us and draw entirely from your own inspiration, and to your own agenda. We’re a supportive and friendly group who welcome newcomers.


Sessions run on term-time Tuesdays, 7~9pm and Wednesdays 9:30~11:30am here at The Cause. You can pay £80 (or £75 without materials) for a six-week run or drop in for £16 (£15 without materials) on a week-by-week basis.


Easels and boards are provided, as are refreshments at break-time.


For further information contact charlieragandbonearts@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page @ragandbonearts. You can book on our website www.ragandbonearts.com or contact us for transfer details.


You can also pay by cash or card at the session if that’s easier.


Spaces are strictly limited to 14 so please get in touch soon if you’d like to join us!

Groups of Artists

​Artel 31, 5 Union Road


Artist Group: Hardenhuish Student Artists

Selected works from our students aged 14-18

We are incredibly excited to share the work of our students with you as part of the Chippenham Art Trail 2022. Our artists produce work that develops from a variety of unique starting points – ranging from portraiture and identity to broader themes such as ‘The Personal is Political’, ‘A Sense of Person, A Sense of Place’ and the notion of change, time and surrealism. We are keen to help students develop a sense their own artistic identity within their work and encourage experimentation with materials, composition and subject matter. This year we are proud to exhibit a range of drawings, paintings, photography and three-dimensional pieces which showcase the breadth of skills and creative ideas of our students.

If you would like more information about the work exhibited please contact Jess Bigwood (Curriculum Leader for Art, Photography and Design Technology): jxb@hardenhuish.wilts.sch.uk


Kandu SHOP WINDOW, Emery Gate

Lucy Dowling.jpg



Artist: Lucy Dowling

Trading Name: Lucy’s Wild Creations


Lucy’s love of foraging and all natural forms has been one of her main sources of inspiration during her exploration into porcelain creations.


Gaynor Leverett-Jaques.jpeg

Artist: Gaynor Leverett-Jaques

Website: www.gaynorljart.com

I’m always so happy to be painting and I’m told it shows in the work I produce. Pieces can take months to come together (especially in oils which take a good while to dry thoroughly), layer upon layer. I always begin quite wildly, often using a bright mix of colours in banks or swathes of colour to really have a strong base to react to. However, towards the end of a painting positioning even the smallest mark is a very considered act, aiming for a strong narrative to guide the viewers eye around the painting.

Jon Roynon.jpg

Artist : Jon Roynon

Trading name: Roynon Ceramics

Website: www.roynon.co.uk

Instagram link: www.instagram.com/roynon_ceramics/

I am a ceramicist based in Corsham producing both hand thrown and digitally designed slipcast pieces decorated with handmade glazes. My work is primarily functional ware but with a highly decorative finish achieved through playing with the flow and natural texture of the glazes I use.


Kandu Arts delivers projects and support services for people who do not have access to or cannot afford to participate in activities and whose lives are made more challenging by poverty, isolation, mental health difficulties, learning difficulties, disability, homelessness and family struggles.  


We work with all ages and groups with an emphasis on young people, children in care, care leavers and young carers, their families/carers and wider community. Using a mixture of creative arts like film making, music, art, sports, mentoring and support to engage people to explore the things that may be difficult in their lives, have new experiences and communicate in ways that everyone can see and hear.


www.kandu-arts.com or email admin@kandu-arts.com 

Deise Amazonas.JPG

Artist: Deise Amazonas

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dedeamazonas/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/deiseamazonasartist 

Brazilian artist living in Chippenham.

B.A. In Fine arts from Belas Artes, Brazil. 

Likes to paint people, still art and landscape. 

Favourite media: watercolour and acrylic on canvas.

Her inspiration comes from the feelings that places and people spike on her.

Has taken part in several international exhibitions.


Library, Market Place

Karen McGreevy.jpg

Artist: Karen McGreevy

Trading name: Karen McGreevy Art

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Karen_McGreevy_Art

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Karen_McGreevy_Art

I am an enthusiastic painter who loves colour. I have been painting as a hobby for a couple of years. Initially I concentrated on watercolours but have recently moved to pastels and acrylics so have a good selection of work in different mediums.

Laura Richards.jpeg

Artist: Laura Richards

Trading Name: Laura Richards

Website: www.lauramrichards.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lauramrichards.art

A self-taught, abstract expressive artist from Wiltshire. I have painted most of my life and studied Creative Arts at the Open College of the Arts. I have always had a strong connection to the sea, nurtured through childhood trips to the coast, inspired, I began to build upon my painting skills with a focus on evoking emotion and escapism through oil paintings. ​ My work is an exploration of land, sea, and sky. I express myself through an intuitive approach, developing layers, adding, and concealing marks, playing between the elements. Letting go, I allow the process to take the lead, unconcerned with the outcome or reality, each painting will move through a journey, to form its own unique balance.   Atmospheric and ethereal, every painting provides a space for reflection and individual interpretation.


Coffee #1, 19 High Street

Suzanne Parnell.jpg

Artist: Suzanne Parnell-Dunn

Trading name: Snug Pumpkin

Website: www.snugpumpkin.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/snugpumpkinartandgifts

Instagram: www.instagram.com/snugpumpkin

Suzanne is inspired by the wonderful Wiltshire countryside which surrounds her, and creates whimsical, cosy illustrations which bring the feeling of ‘home’. Working in acrylics, watercolour and clay, Suzanne enjoys producing a variety of products featuring her art.

Courtyard Hairdressers, Market Place

Mark Peskett.jpg

Artist: Mark Peskett

Trading Name: Artbymark21

Website: www.artbymark21.co.uk/

Facebook www.facebook.com/artbymark21

Instagram: www.instagram.com/peskettmark

From urban pen and wash to textured landscapes, Mark paints predominantly in watercolour. 

Sharne McAninch.jpg

Artist: Sharne McAninch

Trading Name: The Brixton Boy

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thebrixtonboy

I create mixed media pieces each one is unique and will enhance any space, capturing the light is one of my passions which is why I use sequins.Most of my pieces are inspired by Music and iconic imagery I often take commissions and love to work with my clients to create their perfect piece.


Museum, 9-10 Market Place

Holly Aragon.jpeg

Artist: Holly Aragon

Trading Name: Beryl Shrimp

Website: www.acupuncturechippenham.co.uk

I make things according to my mood, often recycling boxes and kids colouring books.  Often I combine wet and dry felting with collage, decoupage to create illuminated book nooks, I also recycle mirrors and picture frames using kids scribble down transfers.

31Co.Work, Market Place

Yelde Hall _ Mike Long.jpg

Yelde Hall, Market Place

ARTHEIST exhibition


Artists Si Griffiths and Mike Long have gathered together a disparate group of avant-garde painters. Guaranteed to make you think. Pop in and see what YOU think!

Other places to see Art

Community Hub, 23 Borough Parade
The winners and runners up from the Children's Art Competition will be on display here.Tap here for details about the competition