Meet the Team behind the Trail

Lucia Lovatt

Lucia lives in Chippenham and is passionate about celebrating the art in her home town.

She runs the successful Art Fairs and Craft Markets that are held monthly in the King Alfred Hall. She aims to give local art businesses a place to sell and come for support. 

She runs Paint Along Classes fortnightly in Cafe Grounded, that gives guests an insight into her painting practice and ensure everyone goes home with their own finished piece of art work. 

Lucia has painted her whole life, but lockdown gave her the opportunity to turn her passion into a business which is now thriving. 

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Lucia Lovatt

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Rae Melody

Originally from Yorkshire, Rae has lived in Chippenham for over fifteen years.


Before embarking on running her own business as an artist, Rae was an art teacher and taught within the Special Needs sector for ten years.


Throughout her career Rae has been an advocate for the importance of promoting positive mental health and wellbeing and is also a Thrive Practitioner. 

Whilst teaching, Rae worked closely with Kandu Arts, Chippenham and is now a director of the company.

She is also a Freelance Facilitator at the RWA, Bristol where she runs workshops for Autistic children and for children with Profound Learning Difficulties. 

Painting is Rae’s passion. She has a studio in Chippenham, her ‘happy place’ and feels blessed to be able to do what she loves every day.

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Helen Swan has always been an organiser - musical shows, plays, community bicycle fun rides, and a quilt-making charity to help children in need in Africa. 

She has run her own successful businesses - school sports and cultural tours, and a literary services business She has also organised several book fairs.

In order to promote art in Chippenham, she co-ordinated the Art in Windows Trail for the Peacock Art Trail in 2021. 

Helen Swan

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